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Translation Policy

The GTK's principal way of communicating geological information to its audiences is via the Internet.

The GTK communicates with its web audience in Finnish, English and Swedish. The content varies depending on the audiences, and the language versions differ from each other. The GTK has no source language but the communication is prepared in one of the official languages and case-specifically translated into other chosen languages.

The GTK's goal is to provide a wide range of geological information to both experts and people generally interested in geology. As the worldwide language amongst geoexperts is English, the web pages offer a much wider presentation of geological data in English. Thus the Finnish and especially the Swedish pages are more limited.

The main language in presenting geology as a science to non-experts is Finnish with the emphasis on Finnish geological phenomena.

Basic information on GTK can be found in Swedish as well as in English and Finnish.

The Geological Survey of Finland is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and issues its communications in UK English, whether on paper or over the Internet.

Documentation including official Company filings, technical specifications, financial documents and regulatory notifications includes content that cannot be translated and will therefore remain in Finnish.

This translation policy relates to GTK's webpages.


If you spot any errors in the translations we have prepared or would like to give us feedback, please send e-mail to address