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Geomari – Marine geology research vessel

The research vessel Geomari (MMSI: 230985210) is an aluminium-body catamaran built in 2003 by Mobimar Oy under a joint agreement of GTK and the Finnish Naval Research Institute. The r/v Geomari is mainly used for joint projects of GTK and the Finnish Navy involving seafloor mapping and research of Baltic Sea environmental conditions. The vessel is designed for operating in domestic waters in the region III traffic area, which includes open sea. The Geomari design takes into account the needs of seafloor mapping and operation in very shallow waters.

The Geomari measures 20 metres in length, 7.6m across and has a displacement of 0.9 m. The 75-deadweight-ton ship is equipped with dual 700 hp (522 kW) Caterpillar diesel engines to power a waterjet propulsion system. Operating at its top cruising speed of 20 knots, the ship has an operating range about 350 nautical miles. The normal operating speed is about 4 knots. The Geomari bunks six persons.

Outfitted for multiple research tasks, the ship’s research instrumentation centre is located on the command deck. Geomari has open stern (40m²) equipped with hoists, as well as space for survey equipment, winches and multiple deck operations. 

Geomari’s survey equipment include:
- Atlas FS20 (20-200) multibeam echosounder
- Klein 3000 dual frequency side scan sonar (100kHz / 500kHz)
- research sonar probe (28 kHz)
- Massa TR-61A Chirp (3,5-8 kHz)
- ELMA reflection seismic equipment (250-1300 Hz)

There are several types of gravity corers, grab samplers and a vibro hammer corer available for sediment sampling. The ship also includes a wet laboratory that can be configured and equipped to support a wide range of studies.

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Geomari – Marine geology research vessel