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Research equipment and methods

From research to process design

GTK’s Mineral Processing Unit offers mining companies ore beneficiation studies for assessing ore deposits and drawing up profitability calculations, starting from laboratory testing and extending all the way to campaigns at pilot plant.

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Comminution is one of the most demanding mineral technology processes because selection of the correct crushing and grinding process guarantees a successful separation process.

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Hydrometallurgy and bioprocessing

Our laboratory’s hydrometallurgy expertise includes cyanide leaching of gold, various types of acid leaching methods for ores and slag, as well as pressure leaching.

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Recycling and environmental studies

Applicability of mineral processing unit processes in environmental and recycling-related studies has been verified in several of our projects. Examples of these include remediation of contaminated soil and separation of metals from industrial slag. New methods and applications are continuously developed.

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Gravity and heavy medium separation

Gravity and heavy medium separation methods are used when separating minerals with different specific gravity. Typical examples of such industrial minerals include chromite and kimberlite.

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Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation is one of the basic methods used in concentrating. It is used when separating minerals with different magnetic properties. The separation method is usually used in iron ore beneficiation, but it is also often used as part of different types of combination processes.

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Process chemistry

Process chemistry research focuses on identifying and monitoring the physicochemical interaction in beneficiation processes.

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Flotation is the most common beneficiation method used for metal containing ores and industrial minerals. Flotation can also be used in treatment of recycled materials, remediation of contaminated soil, de-inking of paper, and water treatment, for example.

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GTK’s Mineral Processing Unit’s Mineralogy Team consists of competent researchers who are specialised in process mineralogy. We offer our clients top-class research services with modern equipment. 

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