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Finnish Geosciences Research Laboratory

The Finland Geosciences Research Laboratory (SGL = Suomen geotieteiden tutkimuslaboratorio) is a joint collaboration of Helsinki, Oulu, Aalto and Turku Universities, Åbo Akademi, and GTK. The facility has been recently significantly expanded by the addition of a FE-SEM and a SC-ICPMS. The facility now provides the capabilities for researchers in Finland to image and analyze very fine particles down to a few 10s of nanometers in size and to analyze elemental concentrations down to ppq levels (solutions) and ppt levels (solids). SGL is an important component in driving collaboration between the geology departments of the Finnish Universities and the GTK. A real strength of the newly extended SGL laboratory facilities is the ability to combine the versatile instrumentation to be able to use multiple methods to solve problems, and to be able to do this work in situ.

Mineralogy & Particles   Trace elements & Geochronology   Isotope ratios
Single collector mass spectrometer for trace elements   Single collector mass spectrometer for trace elements   Multicollector mass spectrometer for isotopes
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Finnish Geosciences Research Laboratory