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National drill core archive

GTK has a national drill core archive in Loppi. GTK also has a local drill core interim storage and research facility in Rovaniemi.

The drill core archive in Loppi is home to almost three million metres of drill cores from more than 31,000 instances of drilling performed in ore prospecting, mining, rock construction and other activities. Archived drill cores can be studied in the research facilities located in Loppi. Research visits are subject to fees for equipment, labour and accommodation (price list). The archive also carries out sampling on the samples in the archive, takes photographs of the samples and measures the characteristic weight (density) of the samples. It is also possible to rent a field analyser for analysing the samples.

At Lepikontie in Rovaniemi, GTK has a rock sample storage where one can study the samples. The facilities are also a place for sampling, photographing samples and conducting petrophysical measurement, such as density measurement, magnetic susceptance and measurement of remanent magnetisation.

GTK, Loppi Drill Core Archive
Mustinsuontie 159
GTK, Rovaniemi Drill Core Storage
Lepikontie 9B
Tel. +358 29 503 2670 / Marko Puonti Tel. +358 29 503 4400 / Kari Kaikkonen
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The locations of drilling holes

You can use the Mineral Deposits and Exploration - map service to view the locations of drilling holes on the map. It also contains information about deep drilling operations carried out in mineral exploration, mining, engineering geology etc.

National drill core archive