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GTK’s land use and construction segment supports public and private-sector decisions related to land use by providing user-focused materials and expert services, promoting land use solutions that consider economic and environmental factors in construction of urban growth centres, and supporting implementation of the Baltic Sea Strategy and the EU Marine Strategy Directive.


The need for knowledge on the seafloor is continuously increasing in our society when the needs of environmental management, supply of extractable soil, planning, construction and scientific research have to be harmonised. By surveying water-covered areas GTK aims to produce seafloor soil maps and geological cross-sections that are sufficiently accurate for the needs of regional planning and construction. The quality of the soils in the seafloor, the area they cover, and the thickness and structure of different strata have a great impact on the usability of water-covered areas and environmental significance.

The information we produce helps in mapping Finland’s vast sea areas, planning the use of sea areas, seafloor construction and observing risks.

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