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Peat resource accounting

The peat accounting map service offers information on the mire and peatland land use and peat resources surveyed by GTK. The service allows users to view regional summaries by using pre-defined regions or to view the information of a single surveyed mire area.

The summaries (regional accounting information) of the total mire area, protected mire area and mire area used for peat production have been acquired from the National Land Survey of Finland and Finnish Environmental Institute. The summaries of surveyed peat resources use materials produced by GTK. The data of surveyed peat resources has been summarized from the information of individual mires. The data of individual areas is also available in the service. Surveyed mires have been selected for regional summaries as research entities and based on the location data of the point indicating a mapped mire. The municipal division and mire-specific data can differ from the data presented in peat research reports.

Calculation of accounting data has been described in detail in the service (in Finnish).

GTK mainly surveys mires of over 20 hectares. Field mapping has been conducted using survey line grids. Field mapping has been conducted using survey line grids and, since 2011, mainly a method based on triangulation networks. Definition of the research area is based on geological mire basins and the locations of the observation points. Observation data of a single surveyed mires has been mainly collected during one field season (research year). Mires that are now located in conservation areas or used for peat production have also been surveyed. If survey points are located on a peat production area in a mire, the peat resource data of the mire present the situation from the research year, which may mean the situation before peat production was started.

During the time of publication, the service covers the region of Southern Osthrobothnia. The coverage will be expanded yearly with updates.

Materials used:

  • Mires surveyed by GTK (© GTK)
  • Administrative divisions, real estate boundaries, real estate map IDs, base map data (© National Land Survey of Finland)
  • Catchment areas, groundwater areas, conservation areas (© Finnish Environment Institute)

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Peat resource accounting