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Environmental policy and objectives

GTK’s vision – sustainable growth and wellbeing from geology – is the bedrock of its environmental policy. GTK takes environmental issues into consideration in steering its data collection and research activities and developing its operating practices.

GTK is an impartial expert in geoinformation and the processes that shape the Earth’s crust. The agency takes a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation of environmental perspectives, ensuring that sufficient contact is maintained with different interest groups.

In its own operations, GTK seeks to achieve its environmental objectives and implement environmentally sound operating practices. GTK ensures that environmental perspectives are considered in personnel training and other development efforts. The agency also makes sure that employees have access to environmental laws, other statutes and instructions that have a bearing on its operations. The implementation of the environmental policy and related operating procedures is monitored. GTK requires its subcontractors to know the agency’s environmental policy and objectives, and encourages them to comply with the same principles in the provision of services for GTK.

GTK’s environmental objectives are:

  • Increasing and maintaining the environmental awareness of all employees with a view to integrating environmental considerations into operational and financial planning
  • Purchasing services from suppliers that make a commitment to operating procedures that are in line with GTK’s environmental policy
  • Promoting the environmental awareness of Finnish industry, especially the mining and quarrying industry
  • Purposeful and continuous reduction of the environmental load caused by GTK’s operations, such as by:
    • Minimising the adverse effects of field operations
    • Increasing the efficiency of material use and recycling

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