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Quality system documents

GTK’s Quality Manual

The quality system’s main document is GTK’s Quality Manual, which defines the core quality assurance elements that all of the institution’s units are obliged to follow. The Quality Manual shows the structure of GTK’s quality system as well as the position of lower level documentation within the system. It also describes the processes associated with the quality system. Quality assurance is based on the quality and environmental policy drawn up by GTK’s senior management.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures describe GTK’s operating processes and their management in accordance with their definitions in the previously mentioned standards and Quality Manual. Standard Operating Procedures cover GTK’s framework processes and core support processes.

Framework processes are those operating processes that, with regard to GTK’s business concept, result in key products or research results. Support processes are implemented on the basis of either an external customer order or an internal order for framework processes.

The targets set in the Standard Operating Procedures must be in keeping with GTK’s quality policy. Taken together, the Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Manual form a comprehensive description of the quality assurance for each operating process.


The Appendices consist of the forms, guidelines, models and other appendices mentioned in the Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures.

Reference Material

The quality system’s core reference material is categorised as follows:

  • Laws, statutes and regulations with direct relevance to GTK’s operations
  • Permanent Regulations and Instructions
  • GTK manuals
  • Other reference material

GTK manuals

GTK’s manuals contain the general procedures and guidelines associated with GTK’s operations. Procedures for developing manuals and keeping them up-to-date are described within each manual.

Publication and use of quality documentation

GTK’s Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures are public documents. However, on the suggestion of the quality director and others responsible for quality, the director who approved the Standard Operating Procedures may decide to define as internal documents those sections with major significance for GTK’s business (procedure descriptions, for example). The Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures have primarily been drawn up for internal use. However, this documentation also aims to provide interest groups and customers with information on the operating methods to which GTK is committed.