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Quality policy

The Geological Survey of Finland’s (GTK) management has drawn up a quality policy and related targets.

GTK’s quality policy is based on customer and other interest group satisfaction, as well as the organisation’s commitment to continual improvements in its operations.

As a research institution, research service organisation, and producer of geological information, GTK has set the following general quality targets:

  • The collection, storage, processing and distribution of geological information is carried out in accordance with jointly defined working methods and procedures.
  • High-quality research and development activities support GTK’s core operations and chargeable services. They also form part of international geological research. GTK is committed to following Good Scientific Practice and to the continual development of the effectiveness of its research activities.
  • In order to improve existing products and identify the need for new ones, GTK systematically monitors and evaluates the requirements of the customer groups using its chargeable services. Effective quality assurance and after-sales procedures are a fundamental part of the organisation’s operations.
  • GTK ensures the cost-effectiveness of all support services required for information collection, research and chargeable services.

All personnel are obliged to comply with the jointly accepted operating principles defined in the quality system. GTK’s management supervises compliance with these principles and is also responsible for developing the quality system. Management conducts annual monitoring of quality and environmental policy and checks whether targets have been reached. The named contacts for each co-operation arrangement or project take separate responsibility for co-operation with customers and other interest groups and the fulfilment of customer requirements.

Management pays particular attention to personnel motivation and competence development. GTK has several procedures to ensure personnel’s continued ability to meet the challenges set by the organisation’s operations. All GTK employees are personally responsible for maintaining their professional skills.