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Staff well-being and expertise

At GTK, the personnel’s well-being at work is monitored through personnel surveys and objective/performance appraisals.

The development and harmonisation of occupational healthcare services, supporting a good work atmosphere and a sense of community, as well as taking ageing employees into account, are GTK's objectives for well-being at work for the ongoing year.

GTK cooperates with Suomen Terveystalo to promote well-being at work. Besides healthcare, GTK and Suomen Terveystalo have agreed on preventive measures, which include workplace reviews and age group examinations. The personnel’s well-being and motivation are also promoted by developing management and supervisory work.

GTK regularly arranges work boost-up days and unit development days. The personnel clubs Nööri, Riimu, Solomu and Suopunki arrange versatile physical and refreshment activities at GTK’s operating locations.

The goal of GTK is to provide its staff with challenging work duties that match their competencies. Competence development takes place by supporting, for example, international researcher exchange, job rotation and postgraduate studies. A joint forum, GTK-Akatemia, has been developed for GTK's staff learning, where the organisation's leading researchers mutually share the most recent information in the sector.

Following an annual objective and development discussion, a short- and long-term development plan is drawn up for each person, and concrete steps to develop competence are agreed. 

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