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Encouraging employment relationship

An encouraging and rewarding work atmosphere is an essential factor for the well-being of the personnel and a well-functioning organisation. GTK makes determined efforts to promote the establishment of an encouraging work atmosphere which is open to new ideas.

GTK uses various rewarding policies. Besides an encouraging payroll system, GTK – as with other government offices – has a policy where those with a long service time have longer annual holidays than those in the private sector, along with the right to extend the winter holiday, and shorter weekly work hours than in the private sector.

Examples of other rewarding policies include opportunities related to study leave and job rotation. GTK provides particularly active support for postgraduate activities and vocational development.

GTK uses a payroll system typical of the government sector, where the salary consists of a job-specific part and a personal part. The job-specific part is determined by the job requirements. On the basis of a job requirements assessment system, every job has been evaluated in accordance with the know-how requirements, responsibilities and impact related to it. In this way, it is determined which of the twelve requirements categories of GTK the job in question belongs to. The job-specific salary part is supplemented with a personal salary part, the maximum extent of which is 50 per cent of the job-specific part.

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