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Mineral technological environment and recycling studies

GTK Mintec's environmental and research studies develop traditional enrichment techniques and create innovative methods suitable for the utilisation of different industrial by-products and slag, and for the purification of contaminated soil. Modern industrial society consumes an increasing amount of metal and energy while producing many types of waste and waste effluents that end up in landfills. For sustainable development, in addition to existing processing methods, it is important to find new ones which account for new environmental and climate goals.

The methods used in GTK Mintec's ore enrichment are also suitable for utilisation and recycling studies on different materials. The studies take into account the current industry challenges , and environmental regulations which become stricter. The technologies developed help improve the properties of industrial waste and waste effluents, thus making their safe utilisation more effective as raw material or products, while minimising emissions caused by the materials in the location of use and, when necessary, contributing their disposal to a landfill.

GTK Mintec's services

  • Mineralogical characterisation for industrial by-products and slag
  • Process development in the utilisation of industrial slag 
  • Studies concerning contaminated soil
  • Process water studies

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