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Enrichment technology and test plant operations

GTK Mintec's readiness includes milling tests and enrichment tests with different methods, and hydrometallurgy and process chemistry research. The pilot plant has diverse equipment ranges for all unit processes, such as crushing, homogenisation, milling, categorisation, flotation, magnetic separation, specific gravity separation, the sink-and-float method, thickening and filtering. Process control and data compilation are based on a modern process control system. The online analyzer measures the concentration and particle size of basic metals directly from the sludge flow.

The unique pilot plant entity makes it possible to combine different unit processes into a tailored entity that can be used for obtaining an idea of the efficiency of an industrial-scale enrichment process and for evaluation of the commercial usability of the mineral deposit. When necessary, we will assist our customers in the basic design of processes, which may include drawing up a process chart , equipment dimensioning, evaluation of operation and investment costs and a layout plan. The most reliable way to get the basic data required by process design is to get it from the pilot run performed on the basis of laboratory tests of the customer's data.

GTK Mintec's services

  • Pulverisation research (crushing, milling)
  • Gravity and magnetic separation
  • Flotation testing
  • Thickening and filtering research
  • Hydrometallurgical research (normal and high-pressure dissolution)
  • Process chemistry research
  • Process modelling and planning
  • Mini-pilot equipment supplied to the research location for continuous test runs

Over the course of time, our studies have included a wide range of different ores and other material. Here are the main ones:

  • Gold ore 
  • Platinum (PGM) ore 
  • Nickel and nickel-copper ore 
  • Porphyry copper ore 
  • Complex sulphide ore (Cu, Zn, Pb) 
  • Phosphate ore
  • Iron ore 
  • Industrial minerals (talc, calcite, ilmenite, anorthosite, pegmatite, etc.)
  • Diamond ore 
  • Metallurgical dregs and slag 
  • Recycling material and contaminated soil 
  • Coal 
  • Process water

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