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Mineralogic Studies

Our JEOL JSM 5900-LV scanning electron microscope with attached EDS-analyzer can be used to confirm the optical recognition of indicators and give a rapid initial estimate of composition without coating or preparation of the grains. Thus, it is also an ideal instrument for morphological and textural studies of kimberlite and diamond indicators. For fine fractions, mapping of mineral distributions or tracing specific minerals can be conducted with the OXFORD Feature program. This can be done even in low vacuum with little sample preparation.

For mineralogical studies our Cameca SX100 microprobe offers rapid and cost effective quantitative analysis of indicator minerals. Special software allows trace element analysis, such as Ni in garnets, down to levels of 10 ppm. Routine inexpensive express analysis of chromite and chrome pyrope is a new option.

SEM image of an indicator chromite from the Seitaperä kimberlite in eastern Finland. The outer rim of the grain exhibits enrichment in TiO2 compared to the core and the surface shows numerous dissolution effects due to the corrosive effects of the kimberlite magma.