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Mineral technology and materials research

The GTK laboratory functions and the GTK Mintec test plant specialise in services for various operators, including the mining, metal, environmental and chemical industries. Our research system covers the whole chain from mineralogical and isotope geology studies to laboratory enrichment tests and all the way up to continuous test plant scale runs. This system is globally unique. We invest in research and technological development together with industry operators, equipment suppliers and research institutes.

We offer custom research services. For example, our customers can get all their ore enrichment services under one roof. Among other things, our research services are aimed at developing ecologically efficient processes that enhance the competitiveness of the industry as well as environmentally friendly exploitation of mineral resources and their utilisation in a sustainable manner. The services also support ore prospecting, mining activities and other customer functions that depend on mineral and isotope geology information. Our products range from individual laboratory analyses to comprehensive specialised research reports. Modern laboratory methods guarantee that we can deliver the data on the origin and age of the ore and the bedrock and provide valuable additional information on the ore minerals, structure and content of the rock samples.

GTK has over three decades of experience in researching different ore types and geomaterials. We have wide-ranging experience in ore types, including base and precious metals, industrial minerals, rare earths and diamond preforms. Our know-how also covers circular economy materials like incineration plant ash, metal industry slag and tailings.

We offer the following services

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