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Mineral potential

GTK has long experience and a successful history in all sectors of mineral potential mapping in Finland. The digital materials constantly updated by GTK provide a solid basis for planning exploration.

We offer the following services

Ore potential evaluation

  • Regional evaluation of potential ore
    • Mineral prospectivity maps
    • Maps and interpretation of aerogeophysical data
    • Maps and interpretation of bedrock and soil geochemical data
    • Ore geological modelling
    • Survey planning
  • Location-specific ore potential evaluation
    • Ground geophysical surveys and interpretation
    • Geochemical surveys and interpretation
    • Ore geological modelling
    • Mineralogical surveys
    • Survey planning

Ore deposit modelling and mineral resource evaluation

  • compilation of research data into digital format
  • 3D modelling (solids, surfaces, block modelling)
  • mineral resources evaluations according to standards
  • software, such as: Gemcom Surpac, Gemcom GEMS and ArcGIS
  • qualified-person level research and reporting

Geophysical services

  • Ground geophysical surveys
  • Borehole surveys and logging
  • Special surveys
  • Geophysical laboratory measurements
  • Exploration geophysics of natural resources

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We created a 3D model of the Ullava Länttä lithium pegmatite deposit and estimated its potential in several stages at the request of Nordic Mining/Keliber. The picture shows the deposit's lithium block model and optimised open-cast mines at depths of 50 and 200 metres.