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Environmental expertise for mining

All stages of a mines life cycle require knowledge of environmental impact based on adequate expertise. One of GTK’s strengths is having a total view of geology incorporated with the best knowledge on all aspects of mining. It allows for reliable assessment of the environmental impacts of mining. Forecasting changes, on the other hand, helps in controlling and minimizing hazardous impacts.

Knowledge of the natural changes and condition of soil, groundwater, and lake and stream sediments before commencing mining operations provide a solid basis for GTK’s environmental reports and transparent and open impact and risk assessment.

We offer the following services

Baseline studies

  • Site bedrock and soil characteristics and composition
  • Site landscape, and habitat types
  • Land use, planning stage, location of protection areas, and valuable natural sites
  • Drainage area definition and flow directions
  • Quality of surface water and groundwater
  • Impact assessment and positioning of activities

Environmental impact assessment of mining wastes and by-products and materials recycling

  • Environmental qualification regulations for mining waste
  • Mineralogical, chemical and solubility studies
  • Acid generation potential
  • Stability classification of waste rocks

Environmental risk assessment

  • Consideration of site geology in risk assessment
  • Assessment of activity and emissions that cause metal contamination
  • Assessment of the metal contamination in the soil
  • Assessment of metal accumulation in surface water and sediments
  • Assessment of water flow routes and metal contamination in groundwater

Wetland treatment of drainage and seepage water

  • Suitability assessment of wetland purification
  • Wetland treatment planning, and monitoring

Groundwater studies in mine sites

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