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Natural stone

The properties of production-quality natural stone include soundness and an even color and structure. Natural stone should not contain minerals that cause changes in color, such as rust. We utilise the research information from GTK’s bedrock surveys, geophysical data and data from environmental research, among other data, in prospecting new usable natural stone deposits. The stone quality of known deposits and production quarries is assessed with structural geological, mineralogical and chemical research, ground penetrating radars and deep drilling. GTK’s research helps to locate new deposits of production quality stone for industrial use, assess the resources and quality of production quarries and study the environmental impacts of the by-products of natural rock production.

We offer the following services

  • Exploration for new sources of natural rocks
  • Assessment of the quality and quantity of occurrences
  • Services related to commissioning of new deposits
  • Utilisation of the by-products of natural rock production

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