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GTK investigates the possibilities for using geoenergy with location-specific measurements. Results from diverse measurement methods that have been partly developed by GTK are combined with vast body of geodata and the data is used in measuring and modelling the geoenergy system.

The contents of GTK's geoenergy measurements are always tailored on a case-by-case basis, and they can include the following parts:

  • geological mapping of the area and examining existing data
  • Thermal response test (TRT measurement) in 2–5 test wells to find out soil and well properties
  • various temperature measurements
  • other local geophysical measurements and geological surveys
  • measurement and modelling of the energy field using GTK's methods, according to TRT measurements, energy need of the location and available area, among other factors
  • monitoring the operation of the geoenergy system after commissioning.

A correctly dimensioned geoenergy system is efficient and durable. When the ground temperature stays at a reasonable level from year to year, the coefficient of performance of the heat pump also stays at a satisfactory level.

We offer the following services

  • Evaluation of geothermal energy potential
  • Geological and geophysical field study of a chosen area
  • Capacity measurement and production field modelling

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