Geological Survey of Finland

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Product list Open licence
Aeromagnetic anomaly map of Finland  
Aeroradiometric potassium map of Finland  
Aeroradiometric thorium map of Finland  
Aeroradiometric total count map of Finland  
Aeroradiometric uranium map of Finland  
Aeroradiometric ternary map of Finland)  
Aeroelectromagnetic in-phase component map of Finland  
Aeroelectromagnetic apparent resistivity map of Finland  
Aeroelectromagnetic quadrature component map of Finland  
Acid sulfate soils 1:250 000  
Rock geochemical data of Finland  
Bedrock of Finland 1:1 000 000   
Geological map of Finland, pre-quaternary 1:100 000   
Bedrock of Finland 1:200 000   
Bedrock of Finland 1:5 000 000   
Superficial deposits of Finland 1:1 000 000   
Superficial deposits 1:20 000 / 1:50 000  
Superficial deposits of Finland 1:200 000 (sediment polygons)  
High altitude aeromagnetic data of Finland  
Ground Investigations   
Surface geology of Finland 1:1 000 000 OneGeology – Europe   

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